WHY SEND? Because today’s teens are too stressed!

teensFlipping through my Flipboard newsfeed this headline caught my attention: “America’s Teens Outscore Adults On Stress.” I scanned through the article wondering to myself how on earth a generation who has seemingly be given everything be stressed out about anything? The article shares some of the anxiety and stress teens today are facing. It was insightful to read some of the factors causing current stress felt by teens.

A lot of stress for teens today comes from worrying about what they are going to do next in life. College? Living on their own? Career? Family? All questions that many teens struggle with at an earlier age it seems than most of us did.

When I was a teenager I knew my goals and could tell you what I wanted to do in the short term of my life following high school. Go to The Ohio State University, get a job, and live a good life. Seemed pretty simple at the time.

Today, teens have so many things to choose from and so many things to figure out. Life isn’t that clear and simple anymore. Many teens are even wondering if attending college, which was a given for my generation, is really something they should do.

That’s where something like SEND North America can help teens and young adults figure out who they are and what they should do with their life. It’s also a great way to begin a journey that could lead to working in ministry for a church or para-church ministry. Research coming in from several leading research groups shows teens want to make a difference. Basic ministry, leadership, and life skills training experienced in just 10 months of SEND North America can provide direction for teens wanting to make a difference.

If you know a teen graduating from high school soon talk to them about the things they are concerned or stressed about. Discuss the alternatives out there for them to experience life and get to know more about who God has called them to be. Share SEND with them as a way to take some middle steps into their next season of life. Spending 10 months in SEND can help a teen graduating from high school be better prepared to handle the stress and anxiety they may be experiencing now about what to do next.


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January 2012 Prayer Warrior Update

Our SEND North America Unit has returned from their Christmas break. They are ready and excited about claiming and living the gift God has given in this new year.

Let us pray:

That God will uphold and support Josh and each member of the SEND Unit that they keep moving in an upward direction with the Lord in control!

That the Holy Spirit will guide the Unit to stay focused on its mission, the teachings, their scripture reading plan and their prayer life.

That the Unit members learn in SEND how as disciples, they follow Jesus into the world through their jobs and relationships.


Let us pray for God’s gracious providing:

That people will respond generously as SEND Unit members start to raise the monies need for their 3rd world mission excursion.

That each student receives a call into the area of ministry for which the Lord is preparing them.

That the Lord starts to stir the hearts of 20 year olds all over the US to join SEND in 2012 and that we start a successful recruiting season!


Let us offer prayers of thanks and praise:

For all of those who are praying for SEND North America.

For those who are supporting the ministry and unit members financially.

For those who are teaching.

For Dr. Kent  Hunter and the Church Doctor staff.

For all the churches connected with SEND.

For such an amazing first half of SEND and such a successful launch!

For the young people God is raising up for the next year of SEND North America.


If you have prayer concerns that our SEND unit and we can shoulder with you, please send them to me at chrysannetimm@churchdoctor.org


We want to hear from you…what are you hearing from young adults about life, God, faith and vocation?  What are you hearing from God regarding ministry by, for and with young adults?   Post what you are hearing here.


May you live in God’s amazing grace in this new year+

Chrysanne Timm

Church Doctor Associate

SEND North America Prayer Team Coordinator

Young Adults Home for Holidays? Share this with them!

Many young adults will be home for the holidays and asking themselves after their first experience with college or university where God might really be calling them.

Many young adults have chosen not to go to school but to pursue something else for their lives. Some might just want to take a break from what they are doing now and just learn how to be a better Christian, or grow stronger or deeper in their Christian faith.

If you know a young adult or are a young adult seeking something more, consider learning more about SEND North America. SEND will help you grow closer to God and understand the unique mission He created you to fulfill.

Here are just a few things young adults currently in SEND are saying about their experience….

  • There has been a change in me. Two months ago I wouldn’t say I was a strong Christian, but God has changed my way of thinking from my needs, my wants, into constant communication with Him.
  • I already find myself asking questions like, “What can I do to serve God fully, without my human strings attached?”
  • I have found that Christianity is not easy! I must surrender my ways of living, my hopes and dreams, and even my perception of who I am and who I will become if I am to be the tool God created me to be.
  • We have been challenged to step out of our comfort zone and move when the Spirit says. Through our obedience, others will have the strength and hunger to follow God at a deeper level.

A Privilege and A Responsibility


Editor’s note:  This is a guest post by Pastor Jim Kane from First Church of God in Kendallville, IN.

To be able to teach a group of young adults about matters related to the Christian faith and mission through SEND North America was a wonderful and spiritually empowering experience for me. What struck me was the ability of the group to respond to the material and dialog with one another. This was a refreshing experience and one that I learned from as well.

I was privileged to address two vital issues of personal and corporate faith and mission development – The Art of Forgiveness and The Spiritual Discipline of Gratitude.  As I prepared, I asked for the guidance of the Holy Spirit and felt His presence as I did so.

To have been able to teach this outstanding group of students was a privilege and a responsibility. A privilege to share in our faith journey together as was done for me in my 20’s. A responsibility in that I am very aware of the need to pass on the faith to those younger than me.

I anxiously await to see how these five students respond to God’s direction and mission for them in the years ahead.


Jim Kane pastors the First Church of God in Kendallville, IN. You can find him on Twitter or read his blog.


Prayer Warrior Update for November

We who are part of the SEND North America mission have so much for which to be grateful!

Let’s join in giving thanks and praise to God for the following victories:

Each member of our SEND unit now has a  job.

God is answering prayers for those on the SEND prayer list in powerful ways.

God has provided incredible teaching over the last couple of weeks.

God has opened the team’s eyes to life-changing mission all around them.

The SEND unit is growing together as a family and loving each other.

Pastor Mike Albaugh and Destiny Church is providing great hospitality.

Camp Lutherhaven  in Albion, IN served as an excellent site for the team’s time away.


Let us pray for God to richly bless and provide for:

Pastor Adam Diehl, part of the SEND North America support team, who is getting married 11-11.

Safe travels and overall safety the weekend of Nov 19-20 as the SEND unit makes a Mission Excursion at Holland Rescue Mission in MI

The SEND unit to be able to take what they learn in SEND out into the world.

The SEND unit will bring the kingdom of God to their work environments.

The SEND unit will remember the powerful teaching from last week, to  Run Hard.  Rest Well.

For all the folks we pray for on the SEND prayer list.

That all SEND North America student support keep’s coming in.

If you have prayer concerns you would like to add to the SEND team’s list, please send them to me at chrysannetimm@churchdocotor.org

Are you seeing God do a new thing in ministry with young adults?  Is God teaching you something profound about the ministry of every believer, no matter what their age?  Post it here…let’s get talking about what we see God doing!

May you live in God’s amazing grace+

Chrysanne Timm
Church Doctor Associate
Send North America Prayer Team

Who Needs This?

Who Needs the SEND Experience?

SEND North America, is an equipping ministry for young adults. “SEND” stands for Servants Equipping New Disciples.”

So who needs that?

For one, Mary. Mary is a smart young adult who has been an interested Christian for most of her 25 years. She wants to serve God. She’d like to learn more about God, go deeper in authentic Christianity, but wants to find the niche God has for her.

What is SEND?

SEND North America is a training unit of 12 to 25 students, who live in community by gender, and grow together over a 10-month process of teaching, reflection, discovery, and hands-on ministry. It is a ministry experience, based on efforts found in Christian Movements around the world. It provides a platform for young adults to explore and discover God’s plan for their lives. In the process, young adults are involved in Bible study, prayer, and worship. They participate in reflection tools to learn how God has uniquely designed each of them. They learn about God’s teaching and ministry opportunities from carefully selected teachers who focus of their passion and their expertise. Students receive hands-on experience with ministry to the poor, homeless, ethnic ministries, work with children, the aged, their peers, and families. They learn, at a deeper level, about prayer, service, discipleship, spiritual gifts, Christian Movements, faith sharing, and effective mission methods in the 21st century world of social networks. SEND students work part-time jobs three days a week to pay their monthly expenses. Two days a week they are in teaching and involvement in ministry. They worship together on weekends. One weekend a month, they participate in an intensive mission excursion. In the spring, students participate in an experience to minister to the poor in a foreign country.

The SEND leader is a mentoring guide who organizes all of the experiences and teachers, as well as providing an accountability structure for the students.

The tuition for the 10 months is $5,000, which students are trained to raise, finding ten families who support them for $50 a month. This teaches students to be accountable to their support partners. It provides a great experience for those who support a student, and watch the student’s growth month by month.

Is SEND For You?

SEND is not another school for those who want to earn a degree. It is a missionary boot camp experience for those who want to prepare for life. Whether students become active members of the church and follow their own career path, or whether they seek a ministry position in North America, or elsewhere, they are well-prepared and grounded to make a difference for God’s Kingdom for the rest of their lives.

Do you have questions about SEND North America?

Would you like more information? Do you know a student who is ready for SEND now?


Young Adult Career Challenges…Or Opportunities?

Ok – so the job market sucks for 20-somethings. You graduate from college and hit a career brick wall. Maybe you feel restless about your career choice, anyway. And, perhaps, you are a Christian and actually take it seriously – like, “God, what do You want me to do with my life?”


In a recent blog post from George Barna, “What Teens Aspire to Do in Life, How Churches Can Help?”, the Barna Group concludes that there is a need many students feel today. The research from the Barna Group reflects, “Only 38% of youth pastors and 36% of senior pastors say they frequently discuss college plans with their students.”

Herb, a professor friend of mine at a university in Portland, Oregon, says many of the college graduates aren’t even clear about their future.

Here’s an opportunity: several Christian ministries have developed a 10-month experience of learning/doing/living in community, to explore who you are – as God created you. This is a critical step that precedes what you do.

One of these programs is SEND North America. It is patterned after similar programs that have flourished in Europe for the last 15-20 years. European culture has accepted a “gap year” culture for decades. The trend is growing in North America.

The “gap year” is a popular and accepted year off, after college, to discover yourself. It is a natural extension of Christianity to help young adults find their niche.

What you consider to be a problem, may be an opportunity of a lifetime – for a lifetime!

Kent R. Hunter is the author of The Future is Now: How God is Moving in the 21st Century.