SEND North America seeking full-time recruiter

Greetings in Christ!

Yesterday we announced Sarah Kolb as the new leader for the Church Doctor Ministries SEND North America Movement. Now we are seeking a full-time recruiter for this movement.

The full-time recruiter for SEND North America will perform a number of diverse duties required for the recruitment and advancement of SEND North America. This position requires exceptional communication, organization, and follow-through skills to be applied in all aspects of work completed. This position requires an active, committed Christian with a heart for reaching, resourcing, and releasing young adults.

This is a full-time position serving no fewer than 40 total hours during a regular work week and will be based in Corunna, Indiana.

Download the PDF job description and application instructions to learn more about the position.

Please forward this information along to other people you believe may be interested.

God bless you!




Tracee J. Swank
Leader, Church Doctor Ministries

Sarah Kolb named new SEND North America Movement Leader

Greetings in Christ!

As we patiently wait for spring to finally take hold here in the Midwest, making all things new again, I have some exciting news from Church Doctor Ministries and SEND North America. Sarah Kolb has recently accepted the call to be the Church Doctor Ministries SEND North America Movement Leader.

Sarah Kolb

Sarah has two years of SEND training experience and, in her third year with SEND, is currently leading a SEND team in Indian River, Michigan. Sarah will be relocating to northeast Indiana to oversee the growth and advancement of the SEND North America Movement. Sarah’s duties will include working with young adults; leading workshops, presentations, and immersion experiences; and developing mission, leadership, and discipleship experiences to equip and send young adults to be missionaries to their own social networks.

Sarah will also be serving alongside a team of other ministry leaders developing SEND+, an opportunity for active older adults to receive missionary training. In addition to advancing the SEND North America movement, Sarah will be working with a team to launch a new vision for SEND Faith Life Training Centers across North America.

We are excited to have Sarah serving in this new role on our team and ask for your continued prayers for Sarah as she follows God’s call to this new adventure.

If you are interested in learning more about SEND North America and know a young adult who is faithful, available, and teachable who may be a candidate for further mission and leadership training, please connect them with Sarah,, or Jon Hunter,

Young adults ages 18 to 25 wishing to join the next SEND team may complete the application at this link.

Learn more about SEND+ for active older adults at this link.

We thank God for all of you and your support of this important equipping and sending initiative!

God bless you!




Tracee J. Swank
Leader, Church Doctor Ministries

Help SEND: Servants Equipping New Disciples

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Thank you for your unwavering commitment to helping SEND North America equip new disciples  — we couldn’t have done it without you! You may continue helping by prayerfully considering a #GivingTuesday donation at the donate button below.ECFA_Accredited_Final_RGB_ET2_Small

SEND Deepens Faith for Young Adults

woman-591576_1280Someday, when you look back on your life, what will you see? Very few details will be important —- what you wore, what you ate, what kind of a house you lived in. However, there is one thing that will matter, truly matter. This is your faith in Jesus Christ.

In life’s journey, the faith that we have in our great and mighty God gives us a purpose and a hope. It defines who we are, how we live, and who we become. Faith in God is the lens that focuses every aspect of life, it permeates every facet: our attitude, decisions, relationships, even finances. Faith is essential. Faith is exciting. Faith changes everything.

Webster’s Dictionary defines faith as a “strong belief or trust in someone or something.” Faith is more than a statement; it is more than mere belief. It is trusting God, and living like you mean it. Faith is letting go of your plans and ideas about life, and letting God take the reins. Having faith means that God is more than the King you visit for an hour on Sunday; He is a friend you commune with every single day.

Where are you in your journey of faith? Perhaps you recently encountered Jesus for the first time and want to learn more? Or maybe you have been a Christian all your life and feel a deep desire to get closer to God, to take the next step? If you want to learn how to move beyond simply believing in Jesus as your savior, to living out your faith in Him every day, read on!

SEND North America, the 10-month training experience for young adults, teaches how to live a life of faith. The SEND journey deepens young adults’ trust in Jesus Christ as they learn from those who are further down the journey of faith: pastors, ministry leaders, Christian entrepreneurs and business leaders. With the guidance of these spiritual mentors and through their teachings that cover diverse areas of the Christian faith, SEND young adults learn to live out their faith in everyday life.

A few months ago, you and I began on this EXPLORE newsletter mini-series that walks through the journey young adults experience in SEND. This trek of faith began with discovering SEND, discerning if God is calling you to this adventure, taking action and applying, and joining the SEND team. This month’s “stop” in the SEND journey explores deepening your faith, giving God control of your life, and learning to trust him completely and totally.

Again, I urge you to consider: When your life is coming to a close, and you reflect on your time here on earth, what will matter? Were you wise with your time? Did you invest in opportunities that positively impacted your life, or more importantly, impacted the lives of others? No investment in life will have a greater eternal “payout” like your faith. Consider growing closer to God through SEND North America. Discover the true joy and purpose that can only come from an ever-growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Mackenzie “Kenzie” Ritchie
SEND Coordinator

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SEND North America Young Adults are 10 months away from becoming trained missionaries and helping you reach young adults in your church. Contact us to learn more.

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SEND North America Young Adults are 10 months away from becoming trained missionaries and helping you reach young adults in your church. Contact us to learn more.

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