Helping Churches Develop SEND Centers

The spiritual landscape of the U.S. has changed dramatically. Christians and churches are challenged to reach unbelievers. The result? Eighty to ninety percent of churches are declining, aging, or growing slower than their communities. We need the strategy Paul describes in Hebrews 10! We are ready to roll out a new strategy for churches. With your help, this can be a turnaround movement. After 15 years of research and development, we are ready to launch this multiplication breakthrough: HELPING CHURCHES DEVELOP SEND CENTERS.

Consider with us the words of Paul in Hebrews 10:14-17: “How can people call for help if they don’t know…? How can they know if they haven’t heard? How can they hear if nobody tells them? How is anyone going to tell them unless someone is sent to do it?” (The Message, emphasis ours).

For 40 years, we have helped Christians and churches reach out: 1,600 churches, 77 denominations, training of pastors in 15 countries on six continents, 31 published books in seven languages.

We are ready to launch and can do it with your partnership. Will you join us in prayer and support?

  • Pray — for the return of Christianity; for this SEND Center movement.
  • Ask God to direct you, as you consider prayer and generous support partnership. Our goal is to raise $250,000 in the next six months. With your help, we can launch this movement!

If you’re troubled by the direction of this country — if you believe faithfulness to God is an answer to all we face — think of how Paul prefaces the Hebrews 10 scripture: “No one who trusts God like this — heart and soul — will ever regret it” (verse 11). What is God saying to you? What are we, together, going to do about it?

God bless you!


Kent R. Hunter – Founder, Church Doctor Ministries
Tracee J. Swank – Leader, Church Doctor Ministries

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Sarah Kolb named new SEND North America Movement Leader

Greetings in Christ!

As we patiently wait for spring to finally take hold here in the Midwest, making all things new again, I have some exciting news from Church Doctor Ministries and SEND North America. Sarah Kolb has recently accepted the call to be the Church Doctor Ministries SEND North America Movement Leader.

Sarah Kolb

Sarah has two years of SEND training experience and, in her third year with SEND, is currently leading a SEND team in Indian River, Michigan. Sarah will be relocating to northeast Indiana to oversee the growth and advancement of the SEND North America Movement. Sarah’s duties will include working with young adults; leading workshops, presentations, and immersion experiences; and developing mission, leadership, and discipleship experiences to equip and send young adults to be missionaries to their own social networks.

Sarah will also be serving alongside a team of other ministry leaders developing SEND+, an opportunity for active older adults to receive missionary training. In addition to advancing the SEND North America movement, Sarah will be working with a team to launch a new vision for SEND Faith Life Training Centers across North America.

We are excited to have Sarah serving in this new role on our team and ask for your continued prayers for Sarah as she follows God’s call to this new adventure.

If you are interested in learning more about SEND North America and know a young adult who is faithful, available, and teachable who may be a candidate for further mission and leadership training, please connect them with Sarah,, or Jon Hunter,

Young adults ages 18 to 25 wishing to join the next SEND team may complete the application at this link.

Learn more about SEND+ for active older adults at this link.

We thank God for all of you and your support of this important equipping and sending initiative!

God bless you!




Tracee J. Swank
Leader, Church Doctor Ministries

Meet J-Dog, get immersed in revival culture!

Each year Church Doctor Ministries travels to Sheffield, England for a special mission immersion experience. This year we are super excited to offer this opportunity to those who are interested in learning more about Servants Equipping New Disciples (SEND). This is a special trip!

You will be traveling with a team of people from all over North America. You’ll get to experience what it is like to be a part of a movement that is spreading across England, Europe, North America and other parts of the world.

Why should you go all the way to England? You will get to experience the movement right from the grassroots level. You’ll have a chance to better understand the culture and context of the movement and experience a complete missional immersion trip that is not like anything in North America.

This trip is for young adults, pastors, ministry leaders, church members, and Christians who want to learn first hand about revival and discipleship development within the context of the missional movement. You’ll learn more than just how to start a missional community. Your travel team leaders will spend time with you talking through the things you are learning and seeing to help you better understand how the missional movement can impact your personal and professional ministry.

Consider joining Church Doctor Ministries and SEND for a trip of a lifetime!

PS – You’ll also get to meet missional movement specialist, Jon Hunter, also known as J-Dog, from The J-Dog Journey.

Here’s more information:

Trip Application

Trip Brochure

The Sheffield Report

Traveler Testimonies

Christianity As A Movement

I’ve been writing a presentation on Christianity as a movement, to be presented to the Young Adults of SEND North America this week. I was developing material to identify in what ways the Christian church today has drifted from the posture of what Christ meant this movement to be.

I came up with the following issues:

  • A movement, not an institution
  • A process, not a program
  • A journey, not an event
  • Messengers, not consumers
  • Relationships, not an organization
  • Community, not a building
  • A way of life, not a compartmentalized activity
  • A spiritual adventure, not a religion
  • An experience, not an academic statement
  • Disciples, not graduates
  • Missionaries, not members
  • Ministers, not observers
  • Transformed, not conformed

What would you add to this list? What would you challenge?