Sarah Kolb named new SEND North America Movement Leader

Greetings in Christ!

As we patiently wait for spring to finally take hold here in the Midwest, making all things new again, I have some exciting news from Church Doctor Ministries and SEND North America. Sarah Kolb has recently accepted the call to be the Church Doctor Ministries SEND North America Movement Leader.

Sarah Kolb

Sarah has two years of SEND training experience and, in her third year with SEND, is currently leading a SEND team in Indian River, Michigan. Sarah will be relocating to northeast Indiana to oversee the growth and advancement of the SEND North America Movement. Sarah’s duties will include working with young adults; leading workshops, presentations, and immersion experiences; and developing mission, leadership, and discipleship experiences to equip and send young adults to be missionaries to their own social networks.

Sarah will also be serving alongside a team of other ministry leaders developing SEND+, an opportunity for active older adults to receive missionary training. In addition to advancing the SEND North America movement, Sarah will be working with a team to launch a new vision for SEND Faith Life Training Centers across North America.

We are excited to have Sarah serving in this new role on our team and ask for your continued prayers for Sarah as she follows God’s call to this new adventure.

If you are interested in learning more about SEND North America and know a young adult who is faithful, available, and teachable who may be a candidate for further mission and leadership training, please connect them with Sarah,, or Jon Hunter,

Young adults ages 18 to 25 wishing to join the next SEND team may complete the application at this link.

Learn more about SEND+ for active older adults at this link.

We thank God for all of you and your support of this important equipping and sending initiative!

God bless you!




Tracee J. Swank
Leader, Church Doctor Ministries

Marielle’s SEND Testimony

Marielle, a SEND Young Adult, tells you about her experience in SEND.


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SEND Teacher Spotlight! – Pastor Dennis Kutzner

Dennis Kutzner

In our discipleship and missionary training process we have over 50 teachers that teach over 75 teachings throughout our journey. The Lord has blessed this ministry with so many incredible teachers who serve and share years of ministry experience and wisdom with our young adults. These teachings and our amazing teachers are what makes our process so fantastic and unique to other types of discipleship training programs in the United States. Throughout this SEND training year 13-14 we would like to share with you the incredible servants who teach in SEND in a segment called: SEND Teacher Spotlight! For this week, we introduce Pastor Dennis Kutzner!

What classes do you in teach in SEND?

  • I am honored to teach Holy Spirit I and II, which covers the workings and ministry of the Holy Spirit in the church and the individual Believer’s life.

What is your background?

  • I am a 1970 graduate of DeKalb High School, two years at Indiana / Purdue at Fort Wayne, no degree, Certified in Risk Management/Assessment for Churches and Christian Schools – Cambridge University, 2000.

Where do you serve the Lord and for how long have you been in ministry?

  • I am the corporate Secretary for CMI Global and the Founder and CEO of Gettysburg Campfires, Inc., dba Global Church Connection. I began ministry in August, 1970, pastoring for twelve years, planting two churches, and for the past 32 years have been a church consultant and overseer to over 150 churches.

What is your favorite thing about SEND North America?

  • The practical hands-on approach to discipling and training for missionary living that is given in and out of class!

What would people be surprised to know about you? (fun fact/hobby/life event)

  • I really like American Civil War history? I cry at some point in most movies?

Thanks Pastor Dennis! SEND is honored to have such a diverse and knowledgeable man of God be involved in teaching and serving our ministry. We look forward to sharing more teachers with you in coming months and we wish you all a Happy and Safe New Year this week!

Experience S.E.N.D. North America! October 2013 News and Updates

Gentlemen and Ladies.. Start your engines!
SEND-October2013-NewsletterGreetings in Christ from SEND North America! We have launched into year 3 with a bang! Thank you for your support of SEND and checking out our monthly newsletter. Our ministry, Servants Equipping New Disciples, is an exciting process of discipleship and missionary training. We are training the future of the church, and this year we have some incredible young adults who are pioneering new territory with a smile on their faces. What a joy to have a happy, enthusiastic, and positive team this year. I don’t think I have laughed this hard in years. The Lord has blessed this ministry with some fantastic, unique, and very gifted young adults who will move mountains. John 20:21: “As the Father has sent me, so also I SEND you.” Can I get an AMEN!?

114I love the end of the month. I look back as a leader and debrief everything we did. I keep a journal, a day runner, a yearly binder, and personal notes of everything we do in ministry as well as mission. I love to highlight special “God moments,” things that we have learned, things that we can do better (accountability), and areas we are growing as a unit. At the end of the month, you are then reading our newsletter, seeing the fruit and witness of what we do in SEND and why we do it. After doing this for the third year, I never get tired or bored putting these monthly testimonies together. Why? Because my goal in these newsletters is to:

Read the rest of the newsletter here!

Experience S.E.N.D. April 2013 News and Updates

As you open this monthly newsletter from SEND, we are in Belize on our year-end mission trip. This year we have partnered again with the Central American Lutheran Mission Society (CALMS), and are involved with a jam-packed week of relational ministry! Please keep our entire team in prayer for travel, safety, and ask that the Lord guide our conversations and witness with the Tubal Institute. We are working with staff and students to be positive witnesses for Jesus. We will be doing devotions, bible studies, prayer, and testimony. We are also doing service with many different churches and, at the end of the week, we will be doing ethnographic research for future missionaries and possible church plants. Our leader, Pastor Steve Huey, asks everyone to please pray that God will help us work well together and serve together as a team anointed by Him and unified by His Spirit. Our SEND team is grateful for all the folks and churches that are supporting us in doing this work. We hope to share what we learn and give testimony when we get back! Thank you!

Read the rest of the newsletter here!

Growing closer to God can save the world

“I am no longer impressed by academic backgrounds or credentials, and I pay little attention to them. What ultimately stands out are the humility and respect towards realities and circumstances they are not familiar with.”

“The education of 21st-century problem solvers needs itself to move into the future,” says Roshan Paul, president of the Amani Institute. “Aspiring leaders must equip themselves with apprenticeships, practical skills, and personal leadership qualities so they’re employable and so they can create social impact. They should train for their careers the way a doctor or athlete or soldier would train.”

These quotes from a recent article in from Fast Company caught my attention for a number of reasons. As I think about the young adults I have encountered while helping with the launch of S.E.N.D. I think about how many of them do carry a sense of respect and humility about the realities of the world today. They are more aware of the challenging circumstances many in their generation face and they are increasingly aware of the challenges of being an active Christian in the world today brings.

When we started putting together the pieces of the vision for Servants Equipping New Disciples (SEND) we intentionally set aside any interest in academic degree certification even though everyone around the table in our visioning meetings held some sort of advanced degree, some with more than one. We were not concerned about the academic certification or degrees of SEND young adults. We were not concerned about SEND training being counted as credit toward any type of degree because we knew it would be more important for young adults in SEND to have an experience that was reflective of real world mission and ministry, not a classroom. An experience that would give them stories to tell, examples to learn from and work to build upon. An experience that could be the foundation for not only their own discipleship and leadership development but something they could transfer to those around them.

We wanted to make sure young adults in SEND would come away with an increased understanding and respect for being a mission minded Christian in our world. Whether they chose to answer a call to work in ministry or not, we wanted to make sure young adults had the chance to experience the realities of working in mission and ministry. Of course we also wanted to make sure those in SEND would grow closer to God and experience how their own spiritual growth and increased relationship with God could impact and change the world. The SEND experience embeds into young adult that living out your faith and working in ministry is more about who you are as a Christ follower.

SEND doesn’t grant you a degree. It doesn’t give you credit or a certificate that is recognized by any academic institution. SEND will give you an experience that will allow God to work in your life. It will humble you and increase your respect for the challenges of the world we live in. SEND is an experience where you will grow closer to God, you will experience hands on mission and ministry. You’ll grow as a person, disciple, and leader God is calling you to be. Your experience in SEND will help you change the world. One new disciple equipped to be a servant to others, serving God alongside others. That’s the SEND experience and no degree can give you that experience.

By Tracee J. Swank, Co-Leader Church Doctor Ministries, Advancement Team Leader, SEND

A Privilege and A Responsibility


Editor’s note:  This is a guest post by Pastor Jim Kane from First Church of God in Kendallville, IN.

To be able to teach a group of young adults about matters related to the Christian faith and mission through SEND North America was a wonderful and spiritually empowering experience for me. What struck me was the ability of the group to respond to the material and dialog with one another. This was a refreshing experience and one that I learned from as well.

I was privileged to address two vital issues of personal and corporate faith and mission development – The Art of Forgiveness and The Spiritual Discipline of Gratitude.  As I prepared, I asked for the guidance of the Holy Spirit and felt His presence as I did so.

To have been able to teach this outstanding group of students was a privilege and a responsibility. A privilege to share in our faith journey together as was done for me in my 20’s. A responsibility in that I am very aware of the need to pass on the faith to those younger than me.

I anxiously await to see how these five students respond to God’s direction and mission for them in the years ahead.


Jim Kane pastors the First Church of God in Kendallville, IN. You can find him on Twitter or read his blog.


Prayer Warrior Update for the Week of September 26th

Our Prayer Warrior Team is growing, thanks be to God and to you!  Welcome to all of our new partners in prayer!

I will generally post a new report and invitation to prayer each week on Monday or Tuesday.  The post will include opportunities to give thanks to God and specific concerns for us to lift to God.  We welcome your your prayer concerns as well, so please feel free to post them as comments to this or future posts.

Let us give thanks for

  • the anointed teaching that our SEND North America team received last week
  • the Destiny Family of Faith community for hosting the team during their training sessions
  • the incredible launch event on Friday, September 16th
  • the warm welcome that the Kendallville community is offering to our SEND North America team
Let us pray for
  • Scott Pattison, Kent Hunter, and Tracee Swank, who will be teaching the team this week.  They will teach about Great Awakenings in the Christian Faith through the ages, Christianity as a Movement, and Extending the Movement through Technology.  May their teaching be anointed and may the team be open to receive and appropriate all that they learn.
  • the supporters of SEND North America, upholding this ministry through prayer, financial support, encouragement, and many other ways
  • Charlie (child) and Josh (adult) – both of whom need a miracle of healing from our God, the Great Physician
  • Jon Zinnel, Promotion Administrator for SEND North America, as he begins the recruiting process for the 2012 SEND Team
We at Church Doctor Ministries are grateful to be partners in prayer with you.  We also value your discoveries and insights!  Please use the Comment function of this page to share with us what God is saying to you about ministry with young adults.
May you live in God’s amazing grace, and share it with those around you this week+
Chrysanne Timm
Church Doctor Associate

Teaching Young Adults?

I’m intrigued by Scott McKnight’s blog post, which asks about what topics you would cover if you were teaching young adults the teachings of Jesus.

The issue focuses on content choice, an important topic. However, it made me think about an issue, perhaps more important: the delivery system. The Greek approach to life was all about right thinking leads to right behavior. The Hebrew worldview completes the circle by adding that right behavior leads to right thinking. Most churches in recent decades have demonstrated a bias for cognitive learning and remain frustrated at the lack of discipleship depth.

Something to think about

Jesus did provide a commission for followers that includes “teaching them all I have commanded you.” However, the driving purpose-oriented imperative of the commission was to “make disciples.” How? By (1) going; (2) baptizing; and (3) teaching.

Who was the primary audience for this commission? The Disciples – the followers of Jesus. They were those who experienced a relationship with the Master. Is content important? As the book The Jesus Creed implies? Of course.

I believe the medium is more important, however. The medium is the message: wrong medium, the content doesn’t get a hearing.

So what medium do you choose for young adults? Books? Creeds? An institution like a church? All of these are probably important tools, but are they the medium? God demonstrated a different medium. It’s called the incarnation. Jesus came in the flesh. It’s all about relationship. The question about what topics would you cover is precluded by a more important issue: who are you? That reflects another question: Who is in you? That begs the question, Who is Jesus? To you? For You?

Eye Witnesses

No wonder Jesus says we are to be witnesses, which is only possible through an infusion of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:8). This implies a personal relationship. A personal experience with Jesus.

Over the last several years, we have developed SEND North America, a t raining experience for young adults. it’s inspired by a similar experience that has been used over a decade in Europe. One of the key elements of this equipping model for discipleship is based on the approach of Jesus who challenged followers to do something before they learned anything. He said, (1) “come, follow me” and then (2) “I will teach you to be fishers of men” (and women). It was, and is an invitation into relationship. Content is important. Community allows content to breathe life.