THE 2017-2018 SEND TEAM

Meet the team of young adults for 2017-2018. Their 10-month adventure began September 2017 and they will graduate in June 2018.

Bobby McMillan Headshot

Bobby McMillan, also known as Rob, was born and raised in north central Michigan, but about a year and a half ago, he moved to Lakeland, Florida. He has an American bulldog named Queen and is passionate about the outdoors, so he is really happy to be home in Michigan. Rob’s favorite Bible verse is Matthew 4:4, “Jesus answered, ‘It is written: Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’” Rob would love to become a youth leader when SEND is over. One thing that he is looking forward to over the next 10 months is his first trip outside of the United States, for the international mission trip.. Support Bobby’s SEND training by donating using the button below.

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Hestar Mclaws Headshot

Hestar McLaws is an 18-year-old “roadschool” graduate. She was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, but grew up traveling throughout the western United States with her family of six in their tiny travel trailer. Although she grew up a highly spiritual Christian family, it wasn’t until she moved to the small town of Joshua Tree, California, that Hestar was able to experience ministry leadership to its fullest. She was inspired by the brotherhood and discipleship she witnessed in that community and has decided to pursue it further. During SEND, she hopes to learn more about what path God wants her to take in life and is excited to experience the diverse learning and outreach opportunities! Her favorite quote is, “It is important to draw wisdom from different places. If you take it from only one place, it becomes rigid and stale” (Iroh, Avatar: The Last Airbender). Support Hestar’s SEND training by donating using the button below.

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Travis Simons Headshot

Travis Simons is 18 years old and just graduated from Lutheran High School in Parker, Colorado. His favorite Bible verse is Colossians 3:23, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.” Travis joined SEND because it was the only thing he felt God calling him to do and because he wanted to grow his relationship with Him. During SEND, he hopes to grow closer with God, experience different types of ministry, and learn what God is calling him to do next. Support Travis’ SEND training by donating using the button below.

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Chelsey Strickler Headshot

Chelsey Strickler is 25 years old and from Peru, Illinois. She graduated from Indiana State University in 2014 with a bachelor’s degree in communication and public relations, with a minor in English. She has been using her degree to work as the communication coordinator for a church in Alexandria, Minnesota, for the past 18 months. Chelsey joined SEND because she felt God calling her to a more full-time ministry position and wanted to see what other types of ministry were available. She is excited to challenge herself, step outside of her comfort zone, and see what God has planned for her and the SEND team. Chelsey was raised with three brothers, so she loves exploring the outdoors, playing sports, reading, writing, playing the piano, and much more! Her favorite Bible verse is Isaiah 41:10, which says, “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” She hopes you find strength in this verse as much as she does!   Support Chelsey’s SEND training by donating using the button below.

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Cody Vierich Headshot

Cody Vierich is 22 years old and from Joshua Tree, California. He likes to play video games, read all kinds of books, and write from time to time. Cody is in SEND to follow what he believes to be God’s will for his life and hopes, that during his time in SEND, that he might find where God wants him to go next. His favorite story from the Bible is from Jesus’ early ministry, when he started gathering the disciples along the beach of the lake of Galilee. It reminds him that despite the fact that Jesus could change the world with a snap of His fingers, He chooses to use everyday people instead. Support Cody’s SEND training by donating using the button below.

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