Through hands on leadership, mission, and ministry training SEND North America equips and sends young adults to make a difference in the world.

SEND is for young adults 18-29 willing to take ten months to discover and explore their God given gifts and skills. SEND young adults are eager learners willing to make themselves available to what God is saying to them in the areas of faith, leadership, and ministry.114

Young adults benefit from over 50 different teachers during the ten month process. Training areas include Bible teaching and reading, spiritual formation, discipleship, leadership development, life skills, and para-church ministry experiences. Practical application takes place simultaneously as each young adult focuses on an area of interest in mission and ministry. Regular mission excursions, retreats, and a third world mission trip provide further practical training.

SEND graduates have gone on to become church planters, ministry staff team leaders, Christian teachers, camp counselors, missionaries, and marketplace leaders.

Churches benefit from having trained SEND young adults on staff able to reach young adults and launch a spiritual formation and discipleship revolution in their church.

Applications are now being accepted for the September 2015 – June 2016 SEND Unit. Deadline for acceptance into this unit is August 1, 2015. Only 20 young adults will be accepted into the 2015-2016 unit.

Young adults 18 – 29, please complete the initial self reflection survey and preliminary application to see if SEND is right for you. Kenzie, our SEND young adult coordinator, will talk with you about the next steps to join this years’ unit.