Through ten months of leadership, mission, and ministry training, SEND North America equips 18-29 year olds to make a difference in the world.

Your FutureHere at SEND, we understand that God has a plan for your life, one that He exclusively calls you to fulfill. Our mission is to equip and prepare you to live out God’s purpose for your life, wherever He sends you. SEND North America combines biblical training and hands-on mission experiences to take you to the next level in your faith; we are dedicated to helping you discover God’s plan for your life, deepen your relationship with Him, and make a difference in the world.

Graduates of SEND North America have gone on to become church planters, ministry staff team leaders, counselors, missionaries, teachers and marketplace leaders. Wherever God calls you, SEND North America is here to equip, prepare, and guide you.

Your adventure begins at SEND North America.

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